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Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry

The Legacy of Phoenix 

The Phoenix Bird

 by Hans Christian Andersen(1850) 





 In the Garden of Paradise, beneath the Tree of Knowledge, bloomed a rose bush. Here, in the first rose, a bird was born. His flight was like the flashing of light, his plumage was beauteous, and his song ravishing. But when Eve plucked the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, when she and Adam were driven from Paradise, there fell from the flaming sword of the cherub a spark into the nest of the bird, which blazed up forthwith. The bird perished in the flames; but from the red egg in the nest there fluttered aloft a new one—the one solitary Phoenix bird. The fable tells that he dwells in Arabia, and that every hundred years, he burns himself to death in his nest; but each time a new Phoenix, the only one in the world, rises up from the red egg.

The bird flutters round us, swift as light, beauteous in color, charming in song. When a mother sits by her infant’s cradle, he stands on the pillow, and, with his wings, forms a glory around the infant’s head. He flies through the chamber of content, and brings sunshine into it, and the violets on the humble table smell doubly sweet.

But the Phoenix is not the bird of Arabia alone. He wings his way in the glimmer of the Northern Lights over the plains of Lapland, and hops among the yellow flowers in the short Greenland summer. Beneath the copper mountains of Fablun, and England’s coal mines, he flies, in the shape of a dusty moth, over the hymn book that rests on the knees of the pious miner. On a lotus leaf he floats down the sacred waters of the Ganges, and the eye of the Hindu maid gleams bright when she beholds him.

The Phoenix bird, dost thou not know him? The Bird of Paradise, the holy swan of song! On the car of Thespis he sat in the guise of a chattering raven, and flapped his black wings, smeared with the lees of wine; over the sounding harp of Iceland swept the swan’s red beak; on Shakspeare’s shoulder he sat in the guise of Odin’s Raven, and whispered in the poet’s ear "Immortality!" and at the minstrels’ feast he fluttered through the halls of the Wartburg.

The Phoenix bird, dost thou not know him? He sang to thee the Marseillaise, and thou kissedst the pen that fell from his wing; he came in the radiance of Paradise, and perchance thou didst turn away from him towards the sparrow who sat with tinsel on his wings.The Bird of Paradise—renewed each century—born in flame, ending in flame! Thy picture, in a golden frame, hangs in the halls of the rich, but thou thyself often fliest around, lonely and disregarded, a myth—"The Phoenix of Arabia."

In Paradise, when thou wert born in the first rose, beneath the Tree of Knowledge, thou receivedst a kiss, and thy right name was given thee

 thy name, Poetry.

Our mission 

  The Phoenix Sinclair Foundation Inc. is a non-profit Incorporation that helps families navigate their way through the child welfare system. That the Provinces Children’s Advocate says themselves is in a state of Chaos

      The Phoenix Sinclair Foundation represents family member for the most part that grandparents and aunts and uncles wanting to take the children out the system. We also assist parents obtain access to their children and advocate on a deeper level in some cases where parents are being treated unreasonably. 

   Our primary the goal to look out for the Best Interest of the Child and the Rights of the families involved in the Manitoba Child Protection System.  Our role is to investigate the policies and procedure of the entire Child Protection System to ensure the child and the family’s legal rights are upheld by the Authorities and that the agencies follow the proper mandated procedures. 

   Our Mission is furthered by raising awareness to the corruption and nepotism unscrupulous behaviour of some of the CEO’s   their subordinate workers that plague the Aboriginal Child Protection Agencies and Authorities. It is our long term goal is to grow the Phoenix Sinclair foundation to be able provide such services community service as   

    For the Children - The Phoenix Sinclair Foundation and the family would like to leave a beautiful legacy for our daughter by providing a community center for children based around the Arts ( music dancing etc... ) As well as donate play structures for parks and schools in her loving memory .

   For Families we provide referrals to Grief counselling  Addiction counselling ,  Parenting classes Anger management Legal referrals and assisted funding for representation

   In the future  we would like to provide Volunteer respite workers for the agencies and foster families,  Volunteer reg. social workers to assist the over stressed agencies with home checks and follow up visits to families.. We would like to be an outreach centre for family visits as well Provide day camps for children in care centered around Horses Nature and Music. 

  It is our immediate goal to open a New and Slightly Use Boutique offering a eclectic selection of Items ranging from house hold to arts and crafts  to further our work with families within the community.


          The Phoenix Sinclair Team




    Phoenix Sinclair was a 5 years old little girl who was brutally murdered by her mother and step father despite the fact the child was apprehended at birth by the Manitoba child protection Authority.

   Phoenix was given back to both her parents 3 months later. Shortly after that she came to stay with me.  CFS did not know her whereabouts never checking back on the child. She returned home after the birth of a younger sibling.

   The Child was eventually abandoned her mother completely by the time she was 1 & ½ years old leaving her father to raise both her younger sister who was only 1 month old.   Her mother later returned April of 2004 and was successful at taking the child from the home.

   Phoenix was murdered by her mother and her stepfather 16 months later.

   Court Records showed mother had a long history with Manitoba Child and Family Services and her counterpart in the crime had an extensive criminal record for violence.






 The inhumane way in which she died shocked Canada and the fact that the child’s murder went unnoticed in a very small community shocked the nation all over again. Phoenix was the subject of many newspaper articles and reports most grossly inaccurate.

    She was the focus of government agency reports, reviews and recommendation. However she was more than a name in a newspaper story more then just a case file in the center of a provincial crisis which left Manitoba Child Protection scrambling for answers.

    She made out to be a symbol of a BROKEN system by would be activist and blogger who a little or no understanding of who she really was or the happy life she led before her horrific murder in 2005 since no one ever reach out to speak with her family until now.     

   Phoenix was our daughter just a little girl we loved  and cherished she was someone whom, so many in a position of authority lied about to cover up their role in the events of her demise as just 3 months before her murder Social Services were called out to her address on a tip she was being locked in a bedroom and being abused. 



 Kim Edwards  was phoenix Sinclair’s god mother and primary care giver for the majority of her life.  I am the founder and executive director of the phoenix Sinclair foundation founded august of 2007.  

I left my job in 2009 to    operate the phoenix Sinclair foundation full time from my home. Since then i have volunteered the vast majority of my time to help families who are involved in the child protection system.

      i am very outspoken and i have  actively and full time operating the foundation with my own money and i have asked for no funding from anyone to date and this is our first fundraising drive .  

I have been recognized by the commission counsel as well as the commissioner himself in addition to so many others for keeping phoenix story alive for  6 years  playing a fundamental role into the calling of the commission into her death. 

I was given full inquiry standing as de facto  ( actual ) mother  which has never happen before in an inquest or inquiry.  


   Steve Sinclair in a quiet gentle and reserved man . He founded the Phoenix Sinclair Foundation to serve as a tribute to his late daughter Phoenix Sinclair. He has tirelessly sought for Justice for his child murder during the trial of her killer, and continues to seek Justice for  her.  He was Granted full inquiry standing In the commission surrounding the circumstances of the death of Phoenix Sinclair.

 He is active within his community and volunteers his help when and where he can.